Friday, April 20, 2007

Britney Spears is the Antichrist?

Aw, man. When I started a blog (all of two days ago), I didn't think I would ever write anything about Britney Spears. Oh well; I couldn't pass this up. Allegedly, while in rehab, she wrote the numbers 666 on her forehead, ran about screaming, "I am the Antichrist!", and even tried to hang herself with a bed sheet. Of course, there's no way she can be the Antichrist. As eminent theologians like Jerry Falwell and Tim LaHaye have informed us, the Antichrist will probably be a Jew from Romania, and possibly a clone.

Read more at (thanks to SA for the link)


don said...

I believe you may be antiquating the Beast with the Antichrist which are entirely two different things. The beast is a singular being and the Antichrist is anyone anti-Christian. Hope this clears it up for you
have a great week

don said...
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Ross said...

I think you meant "equating", and your comment should be directed at Britney. She's the one who wrote 666 (the number of the beast and of a man) on her forehead and then said "I am the Antichrist!" So she was the one confusing the two. And just for the record, it doesn't matter anyway; they're both fictional characters.

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