Thursday, April 19, 2007

Science and Faith Explained


An Anonymous Coward said...

Did you find those diagrams somewhere, or did you make them yourself?

One thing I particularly like about them is that they show how science is an ongoing process, while faith is static and sterile. (Well, that's not entirely true...religions do change with cultures, but it's a slow and haphazard process.)

Ross said...

I wish I had made them! I actually found them a while back on a site called (which is written on the image in the lower-right corner). When I put the image in my post, I went to find the original on their website and found that the domain is now defunct. All credit goes to the clever people who made that site.

I agree about your assessment of the image. I think it's also powerful in that it shows faith to be very uncomplicated, and perhaps more appealing than the circuit board-like process of science. It takes a lot of effort, integrity and humility to subject one's beliefs to that kind of scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

The stagnation of mankind has nothing to do with the way the diagrams are shown- instead of faith - they should be known as process and ignorance revealed. Faith is the presence of taking the first step to find the answer after you have failed as in the second diagram. It is mostly ignorance that even alludes to the spectrum of skeptical irrelevance, the other part is hype. – have a good day to the author and increase with something worthwhile for the vision to see the irony of stupidity.